These are links to pages I've created for friends, family and myself. Possibly you may have some use for these sites as well.

Magic Tea - I play drums in this band. An improvisational "jazz" trio from Oakland California.

Momus by Dusty Snout - An experimental sample-based album I produced years ago maybe 2016

5e Bot - A discord bot for finding dungeons and dragons 5E info, rolling dice and initiative tracking.

Note Spot - A browser based note application that stores notes in your local browser storage. Create and move notes around the page and create multiple tabs for different pages.

Markaml - A site generator (written in Ocaml) that takes markdown files and produces html pages with a sidebar.

Monique Ranieri - My sister is a voice actress and I'm happy to support her career.

Oracle Iching - Throw digital coins to get your iching reading.

Celestial Bodies - See the current position of the planets relative the earth for astrological insight.

Music of Forms - Construct lines on a grid to establish connections between tonal intervals, deriving ratios from the comparison of the lines' lengths.

Lean In Ministry - My aunt writes a christian-based woman's blog and I'm happy to support her hobby.

Caelus - A site dedicated to changing the name of Uranus to the Roman rather than Greek.